Medical Billing

Help healthcare providers getpaid by insurance companies fortheir services.
Providers like doctors, hospitals,and clinics use these services for administrative tasks like verifying insurance, submitting claims, and following up on denials.

Business Process

Patient Payments
Insurance Payments
E0B Processing
Denial Posting



Collect, Validate, Catalog and Store.

Payer Submission

Identify Top Payers and Submit Applications in their Specific Format

Enrollment Management

Timely Follow-up and Enrollment Obtained

Updates & Re-credentialing

Collect, Validate, Catalog and Store.


Verifies physician background and qualifications

Includes insurance and

payer enrollment

Involves Medicare and Medicaid enrollment

Uses sources such as American Board of Medical Specialties
and National Practitioner.


Requires data and document

Front Office Services

VA: Virtual Medical Receptionist / Assistance

Provides VA services for various tasks in medical practices.

Includes virtual medical receptionist, patient appointment management and scheduling, patient follow-ups, workers compensation billing collections and reports.

Also handles obtaining correct benefit information for patients, inputting the correct benefit information into software, tracing outstanding insurance claims, and reactivation / continuing care.

Other services offered include billing, claims, and collections, and more customized services as needed.